Recognized since the 1970s as one of the pioneers in the "disruptive" training of senior executives (CSG-ISCAE Casa) and the popularization of innovative management concepts (LMS Conseil), Kebir Mezouar has supported many structuring projects in reform and modernization of large administrations and public, private and multinational companies, and contributed to the emergence and consolidation of the consulting profession in Morocco. Founder of the Center for Studies and Research for Leaders (CRD), he has contributed since the 1990s to the intrusion of complexity sciences into the approach and treatment of living systems. In its philosophy and practice, "ruptures" for leaders and organizations are not just a necessary evil to preserve unstable balances, but correspond on the contrary to the conquest of new spaces of freedom, inciting "creative disorder". , alone able to tame the “chaos” and uncertainty of the present times. Innovations in NTIC are both the ingredients and the result.