Dr. Sungbong Kim is Expert of ICT Education and Innovative Learning for All at the Education Sector of ICECCO. Dr. Kim was born and raised in Korea and went to the USA after getting his B.A. and M.A. in Education from Seoul National University. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York, USA majoring in educational psychology with focus on learning science and cognitive neuroscience in language learning. After multiple professional careers in New York, USA in the field of academia, international education development and cooperation, and educational philanthropic programs for immigrant and marginalized children in the area of New York and New Jersey, USA, I joined ICESCO in Rabat, Morocco July 2021. Currently, he is developing, managing, and leading various projects of innovative approaches to enhance educational capacity in ICESCO Member States including the initiative of Children’s Library and eLearning Centers, Mobile Parents Education for Early Childhood Education and Care, and Green Energy School Meal. In addition, he is providing advice and consulting to Global Care International, an international medical NGO as a consultant, and to Lulla Co. of Korea, an edtech company of AI-based online platform for early childhood education and care in Korea as a director of international research and cooperation. His main expertise and interest is development and implementation of advanced ICT and innovative approaches to learning for all children and youth of underserved communities and enhance communication and mutual understanding between children and youth with culturally and geographically different backgrounds by means of ICT. Selected projects he is working on and involved are listed as follows; ● Children’s Library and eLearning Centers ● Mobile microlearning program for parents of early childhood children ● Sustainable School Meal Program with Green Energy and Development of Local Small Farms ● Digital Labs for Girls ● Burkina Faso French-Arabic Schools Reform Project (Phase II) ● ICESCO African Korea International Conference and Expo of Lifelong Learning City Network