He is one of the three original developers of the world renowned COLOSSUS Expert System for handling bodily injury & workers compensation claims back in 1990s. Between 2000 & 2005, He assumed the roles of Chief Research Officer, Asia Pacific for CSC, Innovation Manager at AMP & Maybank. His research areas are knowledge management technologies, Web 2.0, knowledge services, semantic technologies, & Blended Learning systems. His papers have twice won the Highly Commended category of the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence in 2008 & 2011. At HKPolyU, He received the High Impact Award in 2008, finalist & winner of the Teaching & Learning Innovation Awards in 2009 & 2010 respectively, and a Merit Award in Teaching in 2013. He chairs the Working Group on ELearning and lead the CoP on Technology-enhanced Teaching & Learning. He has received HK$6m funding on various Teaching and Learning related projects. He is an honorary advisor of the Hong Kong Police. Correctional Services Dept and Efficiency Office in the HK government. Since 2005, He has supervised/completed more than 200 KM projects & examined more than a dozen theses. He twice received the Knowledge Management Leadership Award (2014 & 2018). Research areas: Cloud intelligence, Blended Learning, Knowledge-enabled BPM, Community of Practice, Personal Knowledge Management, Web 2.0, Platform ecosystems Teaching/Consulting: KM, Taxonomy Creation & Maintenance, Content & Document Management Systems, Business Process Management, Service Innovation, Communications