Leading technologist specialising in the creation and development of innovation technology solutions in the communications and management of cultural heritage, over the past 5 years he is focused on Business, Social and Campus networking as a core solution of Smart Cities. As Co-Chair of the IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Consortium Smart Cities Working Group (IEEE is the largest association in the world with 423,000 members from 160 countries), he is pioneering a “People-Centric” approach to Smart Cities development in order to create and promote a new global standard. This approach focuses on the “human experience” within a city, ensuring that technology solutions not only provide efficiencies for resources and services, but also ensure social well-being, personal development, and strong local business and economic growth. “The Internet of People Cities Initiative” is the first project to adopt this new “People-Centred” approach - a global drive to bring people truly “together” within a city, face-to-face, using mobile technologies as a facilitator. A cutting-edge platform called “HoozAround” provides real-life connectivity, stimulating opportunities to network and grow within Smart Cities, for the people who live, work and visit. City beneficiaries are local businesses and shops, visitors, trade fairs and conferences, local social communities, and university campuses. A founding group of city members on a global scale is being developed to pilot and lead the initiative within Europe, the US, India and Asia. Joel Myers is Co-Chair of the Smart Cities track of the IEEE World Forum on IoT to be held in Limerick in April 2019, organising 9 sessions over 3 days of presentations and panel discussions by 38 international expert speakers, on the future of Smart Cities. The work carried out by Joel Myers has been published in international newspapers and journals such as the BBC, New York Times, Hong Times, the Hindu Times, Wired, and Forbes Magazine.