Today’s job market is being reshaped by unprecedented dynamism, with significant implication for our society. 30% of the average job’s skills have been replaced over the past decade, challenging higher education to keep up and threatening industry with the prospect of major talent disruption. How can companies and communities ensure that the workforce they have can be the workforce they need for the future? In this context, Matt Sigelman has dedicated his career to unlocking new avenues for mobility, opportunity, and equity through skills. Together with a phenomenal team, he invented the field of real-time labor market data, a breakthrough innovation that transformed the way employers, education institutions, policy makers, and workers understand, plan for, and connect with the world of work. By mining billions of job openings and career histories, Matt led Emsi Burning Glass to become the global authority on the market for talent. He is now extending the impact of this work both as President of The Burning Glass Institute and as Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Social Policy. In both endeavors, he is bringing together research that draws attention to pressing problems and frames the potential for new approaches with the work to put innovative ideas into practice.