Biography Nada was born in 1969, in Rabat, into a family of four children. Her parents are both, at the beginning, high civil employee in the central administration of the capital. Her father was later Director General of the National Office of Airports “Office National des Aeroports: ONDA”, while her mother was a University Professor of mathematics at the “ENS: Ecole Normale Supérieure”. Nada BIAZ will continue her schooling in the public system, after having spent her "small classes" at the French education system. The leisure activities of the young Nada Biaz are multiple and varied. She practices dance, piano, swimming and tennis. When Nada Biaz obtained her Baccalaureate in Mathematics at the “Lycée Chawki” in 1987, she opted for higher education in Morocco. It will be at ISCAE, the institution she will take the reins of a few years later... The school is then the only public Business School in the Kingdom, highly rated, and where admission is based on a national selection. She excelled in her studies and finished as valedictorian. When she finished her studies at ISCAE in 1991, she flew to Paris to attend the Dauphine University, before returning to the country. There, she pursued a post-graduate degree in marketing at “Université Hassan II” in Casablanca. That same year, while still a student, she gave birth to her first child, and at the same time became a temporary teacher at ISCAE, her home school. The turning point came in 1995, one year after her graduation. Her husband was preparing to enter the "Ivy Leagues", the group of the most prestigious American universities. For this reason, the family moved to Boston. It was an event, as he was the first Moroccan graduate to enter the prestigious “HBS: Harvard Business School” in 1996. While her husband was attending classes, Nada BIAZ was in continuing education on Harvard campus in Strategic Marketing and Sales, Consumer Behavior and Child Psychology and also participated actively in the Harvard Partners Club, Entrepreneur then back to teaching In 1998, the family returned to Morocco. Nada BIAZ founded a language center with her husband, “English First”. She started out as Marketing and Sales Manager, before taking on the role of General Manager. In the meantime, and in 2006, her third child will enlarge the family. The entrepreneurial adventure will end in 2006, when she returns to teaching. This time, within the Casablanca School of Management, HEM. In 2014, Nada BIAZ will be appointed Director of ISCAE-CASABLANCA by the Government Council. In 2016, she was promoted to the position of Director General of Groupe Institut supérieur de commerce et d'administration des entreprises (ISCAE) by the Government Council. During her first four-year term, she initiated her strategy of transformation "ISCAE 2020".