Full Professor of Economics, President of Western Galilee Academic College. Graduated P.H.D in Economics in Tel Aviv University at 1995. Was a member of the Economics department staff at Haifa University , Served in the past as the Head of the Department of Economics and Management in Emek Yezreel College, Served as the Head of the Emek Yezreel Academic Senat, Served at the council of the higher education in Israel as a member of the committee of nominating professors. Served as the Head of the department of Economics and the Department of Logistics in the Bar Ilan University Branch at Western Galilee college. Served in the past at Managerial positions at the Israeli banking system as well as in other sections of the economy. I published in refereed international Journals over 60 papers in the areas of labor economics, macroeconomics, Economic Growth, finance and corporate finance. My paper "Economic Growth and its Effect on Income Distribution" Published in 2007 in Journal of Economic Studies was chosen by consultation amongst Journal's editorial team as one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen through out 2007. I Wrote with other coauthors professional books in Econometrics and in Labor Economics, published by The Open University in Israel. I have an experience of teaching dozens of courses in Economics and in Finance for graduate and undergraduate students. I wrote the Novel: "The Silence of the Chariot Descenders" – Published by Steimatsky. The Novel was translated to English, see in Amazon The English Version at: