Saida Belouali is a professor at the University Mohammed Premier (UMP), Oujda, Morocco. She is Co-Head of the AI Artificial Intelligence House, UMP. Head of the Department of Human Sciences and Management, she has been teaching applied ethics at the National School of Applied Sciences of Oujda (ENSAO) since 2004. His recent research focuses on digital ethics and also on pluriculturalism in the ethics of artificial intelligence. She is coordinator of the Ethics, Languages, Communication and Digital team at Mohammed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco. In this context, she directs doctoral theses and research projects on questions of universalism in digital ethics and on the ethical dimensions of public policies in the fields of health or education, in particular concerning individualized distance learning. . Co-founder and Director of the journal Ethics and Digital (IMIST), she is the author of conferences, articles and books on ethics, education and the impact of digital technology on society. She is currently an active member of several national and international organizations and committees. Member-Expert at the EuropIA Institute .  Member of the Biomedical Research Ethics Committee , Oujda, Morocco  Co-founder and member of the Collective of Digital Ethicians , France.  Member of the Executive Committee of Global AI Ethics Institute , France.  Expert-evaluator of training at ANEAQ, Morocco . She also held the position of Head of the Public Relations and Communication Department of Mohammed I University between 2005 and 2011.