BASTOS Mohamed

Expert in real estate and Territorial Development and in the organization and management of Projects, Mr. Mohamed Bastos is an engineer and architect who currently works as an independent consultant, with various professional expressions on his own: adviser to the CEO of the group OCP, CEO of CGI; subsidiary of CDG, Managing Director of Société Centrale pour l'Equipement du Territoire / SCET-Morocco, Multidisciplinary engineering company, Secretary General of Compagnie Générale Immobilière / CGI: Management of CGI, among others. He is also Vice-President of the National Federation of Real Estate Promoters of Morocco / FNPI, member of the CGEM, President of the Association for International Cooperation for the Development of Housing / CIDH-Paris France, co-founding member of the Association "Réseau Habita et Francophonie" RHF for the exchange of experiences of public bodies in charge of Habitat, and Finally Vice-President of the Moroccan Federation of Consulting and Engineering / FMCI. He was twice decorated by Wissam Reda and Wissam Al Arch, respectively in July 1973 and May 1998.