Said Omar Said Hassane holds a PhD in chemistry in the field of aromatic and medicinal plants. From a professional point of view, he was the director of the college of Koimbani then director of studies at the Higher Institute of Training and Recycling (ISFR) before becoming general manager of this institute. He was the vice-president of the Committee for Reflection and Action on the University of the Comoros (CRASUC) to become then the first secretary general of the University of the Comoros. He had held the position of Director of Human Resources at the UDC before becoming Secretary General at the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. He was secretary general of the national commission for ISESCO and member of the executive council of this organization. In terms of research, he has several articles to his credit in international journals and has presented many works in international conferences in the fields of traditional medicine, aromatic and medicinal plants, higher education and research. For several years, he had to work with ISESCO, UNESCO, ALECSO and CONFEMEN as well as other international organizations in the field of education, research, science and technology. He served as commissioner for production, transport, tourism and infrastructure development 2016-2017 in the governorate of Ngazidja. Cumulatively to all his functions, he has always taught chemistry at the University of the Comoros (UDC). Since December 2019, he has been the first diplomat accredited to the Moroccan Sahara as Consul General of the Union of the Comoros in Laayoune Sakia El Hamra and representative of the Comoros on the Executive Council of ISESCO. In addition, Said Omar Said Hassane has been vice-president of Tamkine Afriquia.