Mrs. Samirat Ntiaze Njuikem is a press owner. She directs a group of magazines "Femmes d'Afrique Magazine" which has existed since 2002, and "Hommes d'Afrique Magazine", created in 2004. These are monthly pan-African news magazines which aim at the economic and strategic development of Africa. It was in Yaoundé in Cameroon that this magazine began. Then the headquarters was transferred to Brazzaville in Congo, and, in 2012, to Rabat in Morocco. Each of the two magazines exists in two different versions: French and English. They are printed in Morocco from where they are distributed by airmail to most African countries, as well as to some major cities in Europe and North America. They have a network of journalists across Africa. "Women of Africa Magazine" and "Men of Africa Magazine" exist to present the narrative of Africans on their continent and their point of view on the rest of the world. For Mrs. Ntiaze Njuikem, we must no longer let the dominant media of the world continue to broadcast as they have done so far, their distorting discourse on Africa. It is up to Africans to tell their continent, without complacency. Currently, Mrs. Ntiaze Njuikem is working and looking for partners to launch the Arabic versions of “Men of Africa Magazine” and “Women of Africa Magazine. »