Founder of Refracted ! a global community of online interdisciplinary learning and education, Carla, an interdisciplinary and changemaker, strives to break down silos in education. EdTech thought leader and learning scientist, she recently led a global EdTech catalyst and think tank: the Tmrw Institute bringing together international education stakeholders: from policy makers, EdTech start-ups to learners . She also led the Next Billion EdTech Prize for start-ups from the Global South and resource-poor contexts. Carla was Director of Futures at UCL – Institute of Education in London, where she developed new strategic initiatives, developed and led an EdTech startup program that mentored 250 start- ups in proof of impact and research as well as the development of start-ups. Prior to this role, Carla was Global Digital Director at Cambridge University Press . Carla has led EdTech product developments and led digital education programs across Europe, India, Japan and Korea. She has provided advice for educational reform programs. She started mentoring EdTech start-ups 8 years ago and has mentored over 100 start-ups and nonprofits, an activity she greatly enjoys. More recently, Carla has mentored non-profit organizations working in refugee camps and disadvantaged socio-economic contexts affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Carla speaks and moderates international conferences, appears on podcasts and is a member of the WEF Expert Network on AI and Childhood. She also sits on several boards of directors